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Knowing how to be resilient during times of change and adversity can lead you to greater success and happiness.  Nancy Depcik of Unshakable Success™ brings over twenty years of speaking experience with a focus on leadership, resiliency and tenacity.  She has empowered organizations to lead more effectively, foster positivity and communicate more clearly. 

Her unique blend of humor, enthusiasm and connection with the audience landed her in the top 1% of speakers in the International Speech Contest in Washington DC where over 30,000 speakers competed.  In her TEDx speech, she shares the one word that can literally change your life.

As a Professional Keynote Speaker and Communication Skills Coach, Nancy has delivered presentations to Fortune 500 companies, conferences, conventions and universities.  She has been featured in several magazines, including the Huffington Post and has also appeared on WMTV and WKOW TV news. She has also shared her expertise on podcasts and radio shows internationally. Nancy is currently an adjunct professor at Madison College in Madison, Wisconsin teaching Effective Communication and Public Speaking Skills.

Nancy shares techniques you can start using today, leading to your own Unshakable Success™.  


Elizabeth McCormick, CSP, CW2 (RET)

A decorated US Army Black Hawk Helicopter Pilot, Elizabeth McCormick flew air assault,

command and control, top-secret intelligence missions, and transported high-level government

VIP’s, transitioning from her military service to corporate management to public speaking.

Elizabeth is an in-demand Motivational Keynote Speaker named one of the Top 30

Motivational Speakers in the WORLD, and a Leadership expert, currently #4 on the list of

“Leadership Experts to Follow Online.”

Her authority on Leadership, Military, and Veterans Issues is highly sought after with the media.

She is frequently seen on ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, CW, in the Wall Street Journal and was live on

CNN for a segment on helicopter mishaps. Her personal development book, The P.I.L.O.T.

Method; the Five Elemental Truths to Leading Yourself in Life, is a “must read” along with her

19 business tip books in the Soar 2 Success series on leadership and entrepreneurial topics. Her

20 th book, JUST FLY, is due out November 2022.

Her many military awards include the Army Aviator Badge, the Meritorious Service Medal, and

the hard-earned Humanitarian Service Medal. In 2011, Elizabeth received the US

Congressional Veteran Commendation for her service to her country and community as a

disabled veteran.

Elizabeth inspires audiences of all ages, sharing her pioneering and insightful aviation lessons learned in

a memorable and action-orientedpresentation. As a premier leadership trainer and top performing founding

member of the Maxwell Leadership Certified Team specializing in speaking, she is a dynamic and energizing

expert sought after for events around the world.

In 2019, Elizabeth earned her Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) career

designation bestowed by the National Speakers Association. To achieve this designation, a

professional speaker must demonstrate documented proficiency over a minimum of five years,

must receive positive evaluations from their clients, and be evaluated and affirmed through a

peer-review process. Elizabeth has also earned the “Certified Virtual Presenter” designation for

her proficiency in online performances and “Certified Virtual Host” designation for her ability to

engage and entertain virtual audiences. In 2021, Elizabeth was not only named as one of the

TOP 30 Motivational Speakers in the World, and she was also added to the Maxwell

Leadership Certified Team as faculty in the Speaker Track teaching the necessary speaking

skills, technology and business strategy to 40,000+ team members globally.


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