Michigan Association of Student Financial Services Administrators

  1. The Executive Board will be made up of ten positions. All elected positions must be INSTITUTIONAL members of the Association, except for the Director of ASSOCIATE members. An annual election will be held to elect officers to a one-year term, which coincides with the Annual Conference. The positions to be elected are President, President Elect, Past President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. The Past President position is filled by preceding president and does not require a vote. The Director of ASSOCIATE member serves a two year term. Executive Board members are to be recommended by the Vice President and appointed by the President. Executive Board members include a Director of Associate Members and three Members at Large. The Executive Board should reflect the type of organizations and the sectors of Michigan represented in the INSTITUTIONAL membership. The three Members at Large will be one member from each sector representing private schools, community colleges, and four-year state schools.
  2. An INSTITUTIONAL member is defined as a post-secondary institution operating in the state of Michigan. An ASSOCIATE member is defined as a business or organization that regularly performs services which support post-secondary institutions in the state of Michigan. The Vice President will review all membership applications to determine the type of membership and will approve membership applications. All appeals will be directed to the Executive Board.
  3. Under no circumstances will a membership list be sold to a non-member.
  4. For voting purposes, an INSTITUTIONAL member in good standing is allowed one vote. An INSTITUTIONAL member shall identify as many as two representatives to act as the point of contact to be notified of sponsored functions and activities.
  5. Associate members shall identify as many as two representatives to be notified of sponsored functions and activities. ASSOCIATE members will have no voting power.
  6. If an elected Executive Board member must be replaced before the end of the term, the remaining Executive Board Members will recommend a replacement and the President will appoint.
  7. BY- LAWS may be amended by a majority vote of INSTITUTIONAL members voting. Amendments may be submitted by the Executive Board or by petition of the members.
  8. A quorum is defined when at least 5 members whom are in good standing are in attendance.
  9. Annual election of officers will be held at the annual meeting in May of each year. A slate of candidates will be presented to the Executive Board for their approval. INSTITUTIONAL members at the annual meeting will vote by ballot. Voting may not be done by proxy.

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